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Spirit Squad: Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders

Girl-Power Super-Hero Action - Grindhouse Style!!! Spirit Squad is a Girl-Power Super-Hero movie about Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders.

What is Spirit Squad?

Spirit Squad is a super-hero movie about crime-fighting cheerleaders!

When five high school cheerleaders discover that they have gained super-powers, they commit to give back to the community by using their new found abilities by becoming cheerleader super-heroes.

The Spirit Squad girls take down one drug dealer after another until they finally come up against the ruthless drug kingpin of the city himself - Big Daddy.

Matters are made worse for the Spirit Squad girls when Big Daddy creates his own team of super cheerleaders - the Vicious Vixens. How will the Spirit Squad defeat the Vicious Vixens and save the city from certain death??? Help us get this movie funded and be among the first to find out!

What makes Spirit Squad special?

Several things, actually.

1. It's a super-hero movie where women are the leaders!

Super-hero movies are the biggest money makers in Hollywood. The big corporate studios continue to produce Batman movies, Super-Man movies, Spider-Man movies, Iron-Man, X-Men and every other male super-hero movie under sun. BUT THEY STILL NO WONDER WOMAN MOVIE!

Well, our movie has 5 Wonder Women in it - and we're ready to shoot now! We're not about making excuses - we're about making a totally awesome super-hero movie and we're prepared to do it now. Big Hollywood may not think that you deserve to see super-hero movies with strong female characters in the lead roles - but we disagree. Don't you want to see this movie? We do too. Well then, get on board and help us make this movie happen!

2. It's a Girl Power movie!

The Spirit Squad heroines are strong and intelligent women that make their own decisions, take care business, and don't depend on men to solve their problems for them. This is a girl power movie! Think Buffy the Vampire Slayer meets Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof. ( the last 20 minutes of Death Proof, that is. Where Zoe Bell is on the hood of the car and the girls are all kicking Kurt Russell's butt. You get the picture! )

Or, better yet, since it's 70s style Grindhouse action - think Charlie's Angels and Wonder Woman meet The A-Team. Can you picture it? We sure can. Let's make it happen!

In addition to being strong, confident and intelligent, each member of the Spirit Squad team possesses special unique skills and abilities that makes her a valuable member of the team.

Monica Flynn, the leader of the Spirit Squad, is a black belt in traditional Japanese Jujutsu. Monica uses her knowledge of self defense to train the other girls how to kick butt. In addition to leading the school cheer leading squad, Monica is also an ROTC cadet and studies military history and tactics obsessively. Her martial arts prowess combined with her knowledge of military tactics makes her the perfect leader of the Spirit Squad.

Foxy Delicious is the top of her class in chemistry. When the girls set out to become crime-fighters, Foxy uses her skills to create a variety of chemical gadgets to help the Spirit Squad clean up the town. Her favorite devices are those which make a really big explosion when they blow things up.

Holly Ryder knows all there is to know about computers, programming and electronics. When the action starts, Holly is not only able to create a variety of cool electronic crime-fighting gadgets for the Spirit Squad, but her ability to hack into computer networks is crucial and learning what the bad guys are up to.

Christiana Rodriguez is a total gear head. When she's not building things with metal and gears, she's taking them apart to find out how they work. The Spirit Squad crime-fighting van is Christiana's baby, and the special modifications that she and the other girls make to the van are going to blow you away.

Summer O'Neal, the fifth member of the Spirit Squad, has a pretty amazing specialty as well. But we're not going to tell you what that is just yet. You're going to have to help us get this movie made so you can find out.

3. It's a Crime-Fighting Cheerleaders movie!

How many great crime-fighting cheerleaders movies can you name? None! This movie will be the first serious action movie done in this genre.

And you will have bragging rights for the rest of your life that you helped fund it! As well as the exclusive rewards to prove to anyone that can't believe you could have been a contributor to such an amazingly awesome movie.

But we're not just hoping that the action in this movie delivers, we're planning and preparing for it. The Director and creator of Spirit Squad, Thom Rockwell, has been studying and practicing traditional Japanese martial arts since he was a kid. Together with the help of fight choreographer John Harmston and his team, they have been putting the Spirit Squad actresses through weeks of rigorous training sessions to be ready.

We're doing everything we can to ensure that the Spirit Squad actresses can not only do their own fight scenes, but that the action is going to be so exciting that you and your friends will want to watch Spirit Squad again and again.

4.They fight an army of Zombies in the sequel!

Ya, it's a trilogy. And the next two movies are incredibly cool too. But first things first. Let's get this movie made!

We can really use your help in getting this movie made. There are a lot of independent movies being produced these days, but not many are as ambitious as a super-hero action movie. We've got a lot of work to do, and we can't do it without an army of supporters. Here's how we can use your help to make this movie happen:

1. Spread the word

Our chances of hitting and exceeding our funding goal increase every time someone else hears about the Spirit Squad Indiegogo campaign. So we're asking that you tell everyone you know about this cool movie. Word of mouth is always best. If you're hanging out at with some friends, say the words "Wanna see a cool video?" and then show them our trailer. Spread the word through email and social media as much as possible. The more the Spirit Squad trailer gets seen and the more people that come to this page, the better our chances are of knocking our goal out of the park.

2. Donate to our Indiegogo campaign

Not everyone is able to give money, and we know that. But if you are able to donate to our campaign, it is your contributions that are going to allow us to make this movie for you. You can donate any amount you like, no matter how big or how small. If you're only able to give $25, the perk you get for that is your very own copy of the movie. It's like pre-ordering. Give us your donation and we'll deliver that movie to you once it's finished. And if you've got a little bit more to give, the perks just get better from there, so check 'em out and give what you can. Thank you!

2. Take it to the next level

Do you run a blog? A website? A Podcast? We would love for you to do a story about Spirit Squad. We're happy to do interviews on the phone, through email or in person. Do you write for a newspaper, magazine or TV show? Or do you know anyone who does? Spirit Squad makes a great story because of the unique points about this project. Maybe you work at a comic book store, coffee shop or somewhere else where people might be interested. You can download a flyer from our website and post it. That would be a big help. We have an electronic press kit and other downloadable materials ready to go at www.crimefightingcheerleaders.com/media.

One last thing. Our Director, Thom Rockwell, has an open door policy about this movie. Anyone interested in asking any further questions about the movie, or wants to talk about Spirit Squad for any reason, is welcome to email him directly at spiritsquad@crimefightingcheerleaders.com. Every email received will be replied to by the creator of Spirit Squad personally. We look forward to hearing from you.

From everyone at Spirit Squad - thank you for your help!!!